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Louis’s POV

I woke up the next morning with heavy eyes. It took me about ten minutes to finally open my eyes properly. I looked around my room. It hasn’t really changed since I moved out. My old TV was still placed on my chest of drawers. My bed still had the same bed-spread. The curtains looked like they hadn’t moved.

I smiled and Mum walked in, “C’mon Louis. Time to get ready!”

I got out of my bed and pulled a t-shirt out of my draw and over my head. I grabbed a pair of jeans and pulled them over the boxers I wore to bed. Yeah, I know. I’m real lazy when I get out of bed. I walked downstairs to see Niall, eating pancakes. He had about five or more on his plate so I guess he would be fine for the road trip… Probably not.

I sat down, next to Niall, on a stool in front of the kitchen counter.

I then saw Liam, Zayn and Harry walk down the stairs, Harry was still yawning.

“Good morning,” Liam said, sitting down next to me on another stool.

....(Read More in Falling - Chapter 4)....

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